Uppsala: 1st Nordic POP Workshop on Pharmaceutical Modelling and Simulation Co-organized with the Swedish Drug Delivery Forum (SDDF)

Workshop Description

Day 1

General introduction to computational tools used in drug discovery/development:
A workshop briefly introducing different modelling and simulation techniques used in different stages of discovery/development ranging over bioinformatics, computer-aided drug design, QSAR/QSPR, molecular modelling, PBPK(PD) and pharmacometrics.

Day 2

Workshop on PBPK-modelling including aspects of biopharmaceutics. Hand-on exercise on the open source PK-SIM tool.

The official flyers to be downloaded here.


Please follow the link to register: http://doit.medfarm.uu.se/kurt14315

Registration is closed. The deadline for registration was October 30, 2019.

Organizing Committee:
Aleksei Kabedev
Shakhawath Hossain
Rosita Kneiszl
Per Larsson
Christel Bergström

Aleksei Kabedev, email: aleksei.kabedev@farmaci.uu.se