Gothenburg: PhD course + symposium: Polymers used in pharmaceutical applications and their characterization

Aimed at anyone who wishes to learn more about the common materials characterization techniques available at CHAL (coordinated by Prof. Anette Larsson)

The course aims to give the students an up-to-date of the characterization methods used to determine different functionalities of polymers used in pharmaceutical technology. The course starts in the evening of the 10th of September and ends at lunchtime on the 13th with an optional examination (to get credit points). Social activities like boat trip and dinner.

Registration is done with Lotta Pettersson ( by the latest 6th of September. Include need of hotel and food restrictions or preferences. Use the following sentence as subject line in the mail: Registration Nordic POP course 2019 Chalmers. Questions on course content, examination or other topics to Anette Larsson (