Helsinki/Chieti/Tartu:The 1st International Northern-Southern Europe Workshop in Nanomedicine

The University of Chieti, together with the University of Helsinki and with the support of Nordic POP are organizing the 1st International Northern-Southern Europe Workshop in Nanomedicine, from 15 to 17 January 2020 in University of Chieti (Italy).

The 1st International Northern-Southern Europe Workshop in Nanomedicine aims to bring together a vast number of experts with a vast experience in the field of nanomedicines for the northern and southern parts of Europe, but also worldwide to discuss and network on how to foster basic science in translational and personalized nanomedicine in drug delivery applications, including anti-cancer research, regenerative medicine, cardiovascular diseases, polymer and supramolecular chemistry towards a reliable pre-clinical and clinical assessment. Furthermore, this Workshop shall also take attention to the impact of nanomedicine in pharmaceutical companies. 

With regard to Nordic POP, this event is particularly related to the Work Package 2, and present research activities particularly from university of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi University, and University of Tartu.

Read more about the event at the official webite

You can download the events informative flyer here.

Registration deadline for the event is December 17th at the event´s homepage.