INVITATION - European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences VSI: Nordic POP

As icing on the cake, we are hereby happy to inform you that the promised EJPS Virtual Special Issue "Nordic POP" has been opened:

Submission deadline is 31 May 2023.


  • Please note upon submission to NOT select article type “research paper”, “review” etc but instead article type “VSI:NordicPOP” (if you by mistake fail to do so, your manuscript will be processed as a regular submission).

  • Not only original research papers but also reviews are still welcomed, but please then state in your cover letter if you are submitting a review (since you need to choose "VSI:NordicPOP" as article type in the submission system).

  • Peer-review is conducted by a minimum of two independent peers under the direction of one of the three guest editors (i.e. undersigned). Same quality criteria as for regular submissions to EJPS apply.

  • Article processing charges are expected to be covered via institutional or national agreements. The corresponding author is decisive whether a manuscript is covered. Corresponding authors from institutions (industry) or countries (Germany, Poland, Estonia), which are not covered by APC agreements, may request a waiver. Contact editor in chief Martin Brandl for this.

Looking forward to many interesting contributions from this fantastic network!

Best wishes from the VSI Guest Editors,

Gøril Eide Flaten (UiT), Alexandra Teleki (UU), Jessica Rosenholm (ÅAU)