Nanomedicines for Biomedical Applications Course


(PROV-710, 5 ECTS), 13-24 May

The course lasts two weeks and is divided into three parts - first week, the theoretical insight into the topic is provided by 2 days of lectures given by the invited lecturers, followed by three days of open sessions. Second week is dedicated to laboratory exercise and hands-on experiments. 

Host and venue: Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki (Viikinkaari 5E, Helsinki)


The full program (5 ECTS) is mainly targeted to PhD and advanced MSc level students, but also warmly welcome anyone interested to listen to our ‘Invited speakers’ on Wed-Fri 15-17 May.


- To introduce different nanomedicines.

- To become familiar with production process of the different nanosystems.

- To understand the importance of nanomedicines in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

- To introduce advanced techniques to produce nanomedicines.

- To provide a basic understanding on how nanomedicines can be applied in for various diseases (g., cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases).

- To become familiar with several examples of pharmaceutical and biomedical applications using such nanomedicines.

- To develop technical skills in producing nanoparticles and testing, and drug release.



- Theoretical and invited lectures

- Laboratory exercises - Hands-on experiments

- Problem-Based learning exercises

Course is organised by Prof. Hélder Santos and the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki (Viikinkaari 5E, Helsinki).

You can read more about the course at: