Tartu (EST):Workshop for PhD students „Electrospinning“

Welcome to Tartu and to the Nordic POP Workshop on Electrospinning! The goal of this Workshop is to introduce and deepen the knowledge on electrospinning as a versatile technology for fabricating polymeric nanofibers for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. The course will provide the topic-related lectures, demonstrations, practical laboratory works, and hopefully also stimulating discussions,  new contacts, networking and setting up collaboration.

Tartu city is full of history and a lot of attractive points to be visited. It is a city of students, therefore also several social events are often taking place. Most recently, we have obtained here the Estonian National Museum which is worth to be seen not only because of the exhibition, but also due to its unique architecture. The museum and also the old town of Tartu will offer very unforgettable experience for every visitor. We do hope that you will find enough time to visit there and all the other city attractives and activities.