2 September 2019

WP5 Workshop on the use of the large-scale facilities received positive feedback from all the participants

Workshop participants at MAX-IV, Lund, Sweden

Workshop participants at MAX-IV, Lund, Sweden

The MAX-IV synchrotron in Lund was the perfect setting of a recent Nordic-POP workshop on pharmaceutical applications of the large scale-facilities. The participants got acquainted with the many different possibilities for using the intense X-rays produced at synchrotrons. There were also talks about the complementary possibilities of using neutron scattering.  From the windows of MAX-IV the participants could spectate the construction of the emerging neutron source, called European Spallation Source (ESS), which will also be a world-leading facility.

The workshop participants also received advice on the art of writing applications for obtaining experiment time at these large scale facilities.

Several participants expressed that they felt the barrier for embarking on synchrotron experiments had been lowered significantly.