21 January 2020

Nordic POP annual Meeting 2020 was a perfect start of year for the Nordic POP network

Nordic POP Annual meeting
Nordic POP Annual meeting 2020 at Mærsk Tower

The Annual meeting was kicked off by very interesting presentation provided by Maja Horst, Professor of Responsible Technology at the Technical University of Denmark and Professor of Science Communication at University of Copenhagen  and Flemming Madsen, Head of Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, titled "Is the future going to happen?", which has raised many questions with regard to the future development of the pharmaceutical research. 
Three very intensive days followed, giving space to 7 keynote lectures, 24 students talks, and 62 poster presentations, 6 hours of WP brainstorming, receptions, dinner, any various networking activities. The annual meeting brought together not just the top researchers from 8 Nordic and Baltic countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Estonia), but also the Representatives of the participating universities to have a face-to-face discussions together with the NordForsk director to draw the ideas for the future development of the well established collaborative research. Scientific Advisory Board meeting took place on the second day of Conference, resulting in a great feedback from industrial and scientific point of view.

There were couple of young researhers awarded for their outstanding research activity and outputs - among others, Eric Ofossu Kissi (university of Oslo) as one of the most mobile researcher in the network, Nele-Johanna Hempel (University of Copenhagen) for best Abstract and the Oral presentation.

Many new collaborations has been set up, new ideas emerged and burning new common energy has been born.
Likewise the last year in Oslo, the 2020 Annual meeting has been a great success for the Nordic POP.