30 March 2020

Number of Nordic POP training and networking events to be reorganized due to COVID-19 pandemic

As our project is focusing on active mobility and international training and networking events, Nordic POP regrets to inform all the network participants that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the planned events for spring and summer must be reorganised. Some of the events are being postponed for autumn/winter 2020 and to the first half of 2021, however, we are also entering the new ways of running the events digitaly, which is also in line with the Nordic POP focus on promoting green and sustainable pharmaceutical research!!! We see the challenges brought by the current situation as the way to discover new possibilities.

Currently, we are already preparing new, greener way of meeting each other and exchanging the valuable knowledge - "eMobility" as a new approach for doing so is under preparation. Many meetings and courses will be offered online, too! We will keep you updated!