23 August 2019

Research connected to Nordic POP receives attention in media

Uppsala University and the team of researchers around Christel Bergström (Nordic POP representant for The Uppsala University, and the Nordic POP WP6 leader) were highlighted in the Swedish media with one of their projects, also related to the Nordic POP activities.

 Swedish national  radio, and the TV programme from SVT Nyheter (Uppsala), has streamed an interview with prof. Bergström, where she presented the possibilities and development of the technology of 3-D printed medicine. More specifically, she explained its application within the perspective of treatment of sick children, which is the targeted group that particularly needs drugs in lower dose than adults.

 The idea behind the individual dosage of drugs was received with great attention by the audience. The news was also in the national news feed, where the 3D printer purchased via the Nordic POP mobility is clearly visualized in the clip/TV interview.


See the entire interview and read more by clicking on the following links (in Swedish only):