14 December 2020

Three Nordic POP units (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Uppsala) hosting a new European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant

Three researchers, Alexandra Teleki from Uppsala University, Kasper Dyrberg Rand from University of Copenhagen, Timo Laaksonen from University of Helsinki have been granted the ERC Consolidator Grants. This means not only a great success for these three excellent researchers, but also acknowledgement for the pharmaceutical sciences in Nordic area. Congratulations!

Associate Prof. Alexandra Teleki succeeded with her project that is aimed at the development of a new method to diagnose and treat inflammatory bowel disease in children (more to read at https://ilk.uu.se/faculty-of-pharmacy/news-from-the-faculty/?tarContentId=910098 and https://www.uu.se/en/news-media/news/article/?id=15934&typ=artikel&lang=en)

Prof. Timo Laaksonen receives the ERC Consolidator grant for his project that focuses on releasing pharmaceutical agents in a controlled way in the body using blue or ultraviolet light.(https://www.helsinki.fi/fi/uutiset/elamantieteet/nanolaaketutkimukselle-eu-tason-miljoonarahoitus-laakeaine-vapautetaan-kohteessaan-sinisen-valon-avulla and https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/life-science-news/significant-eu-funding-awarded-to-nanomedicine-research-blue-light-used-to-release-pharmaceutical-agents-at-the-target)

Prof. Kasper Dyrberg Rand receives the ERC grant for his project aimed at developing a new microchip technology called HDXchip that shall enable analysis of difficult protein systems of unprecedented complexity, which otherwise escape analysis from the technologies currently available (read more at https://healthsciences.ku.dk/newsfaculty-news/2020/12/ucph-researchers-receive-prestigious-eu-grant/   and https://pharmacy.ku.dk/news/news-2020/kasper-rand-erc-grant/)