SDU: Joint UNGAP & NordicPOP hybrid/hands‐on training school, 20 to 23 June 2021


This training school provides a state-of-the-art overview on in vitro techniques applied in the field of oral biopharmaceutics along with an opportunity to get hands-on training on laboratory tools for studying the intraluminal and absorptive behavior of candidate-enabling drug formulations.

For this purpose, leading scientists, active in the design and evaluation of novel in-vitro tools for the oral bioavailability toolbox,will provide detailed and critical insights into the application of a variety of in-vitro technologies such as dissolution and permeation models.


The primary aim of this workshop is to initiate and stimulate collaboration between the different UNGAP and NordicPOP partners with corresponding or complementary experiences and needs. For  this reason, the program leaves ample time for panel discussions and face-to-face exchange of experiences. A table-top exhibition of commercially available tools will run alongside with the training course.