1 April 2020

Nordic POP 2019 Financial and Scientific Progress Reports submitted to NordForsk in March

Both Financial and Scientific Progress reports for the year 2019 were submitted to NordForsk in March 2020. The reports presented how the project has progressed remarkably during 2019, which was reflected in well-fitting allocation of the provided funding, as well as in the scientific outcome, represented by more than in total 49 months of long-term lasting individual mobility actions, 20 training and networking events organized or co-organized by Nordic POP network, 6 joint applications, and 16 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and presentations in major international scientific meetings.

It quickly appeared that Nordic POP co-operation allows for improving the scientific output of the participating units. This is evidenced not only by number of papers, but also quality of them, as indicated by, e.g., the high impact factor of journals where this work has been published and innovation/entrepreneurship activities. You can find the complete list of the publications a https://nordicpop.ku.dk/dissemination/.

Nordic POP has also managed to reach out for several pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals in the region. The university based work and innovations have been tested in pharmaceutical companies (e.g., co-operation between Orion Pharma and Odense on membrane models). We have major focus on disseminating our work to the Nordic public and private entities.

Besides, Nordic POP has now established well the co-operation inside our own network. In addition, all the units are actively looking for scientific co-operation outside the existing Nordic POP network. One example of that is the active co-operation and sharing of resources with the UNGAP and GlycoNanoProbe networks (EU COST action, particularly e.g. https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA18132/#tabs|Name:overview http://www.glyconanoprobes.eu/). We are actively planning for participation in major European research projects. Also, Uppsala University, as a member of Nordic POP consortium, has arranged The Swedish Drug Delivery Center. Heavily industry-based centrum involves 15 companies in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and one of the Nordic POP university (UU), and will contribute to the interaction with industrial scientists. That the speed of the project progress has doubled compare to the first year can be also illustrated by number of mobility actions and training events, that took place in 2019.