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Åbo Akademi University - Faculty of Science & Engineering

The knowledge of nature is the foundation that enables us to maintain, in a sustainable manner, our high standard of living and to steer global developments – often by means of technology. The five study programmes within the Faculty of Science and Engineering offer studies in many fields ranging from quantum physics and cellular functions to high-performance computing and designing factories. We conduct research in extensive co-operation with industries, research institutes and other universities both nationally and internationally. Especially the following subjects partake in Nordic POP:

>> Pharmaceutical Sciences

>> Biochemistry (Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory)

>> Physical Chemistry

>> Analytical Chemistry

The faculty further partakes in three of ÅAU’s four research-profiling areas, two of which are of particular interest for Nordic POP: Molecular Process and Material Technology and Drug Development and Diagnostics (DDD) aiming to develop new advanced materials and technologies for health. The DDD Platform is a joint research profiling area between the University of Turku and ÅAU, since drug discovery, development and diagnostics have a long history and a broad knowledge-base in Turku. ÅAU has internationally high-level expertise in research areas relevant to the DDD profiling area: pharmaceutical sciences, molecular cell biology, biochemistry, computer-aided drug discovery and drug design, chemistry, physics and material sciences.

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