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The School of Pharmacy belongs to the faculty of Health Sciences. The School is located in a multidisciplinary and compact campus area, right next to the University Hospital and Technology Park. We have Bachelor's and Master's programmes in pharmacy and an International Master's program in toxicology. All in all, we have nearly 900 active undergraduate students in the School. We offer also post graduate training which is divided according to our research themes. Research promotes all our teaching. Our academics are actively carrying on research. They bring their expertise and knowledge from the recent research outcomes to their teaching. Our academics are also committed to professional development of teaching skills.

Our research theme ‘Smart Solutions’ aims to develop new smart solutions for drug delivery and challenges of lifecycle management of drugs.  Research projects include design of novel drugs targeted into various diseases and the development of targeted drug delivery technologies, appraising the safety of drugs and their metabolomics. Our research projects also aim to develop technologies and analytical methods for drug research and improve the manufacturing processes of medicines.

The research theme of ‘Effectiveness of Treatment’ aims to evaluate effectiveness of treatment and the impact of political decisions concerning medicines.  Research projects appraise the effectiveness of treatments (medications and procedures) by using large register-based data and the cost-effectiveness of medications with diverse models. Furthermore, the research project monitors the impact of political decisions concerning the medicine and pharmaceutical players into the usage of medicine and the pharmacological services.

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